About ICPS 2022


We are pleased to invite you to take apart in the 1st International Conference of Physical Sciences 2022 (ICPS 2022) during 21 – 23, October 2022. The conference will be organized by the School of Physical Sciences, Shahjalal university of Science and Technology, Sylhet-3114, Bangladesh.

The motto of the conference is “Explore Beyond the Horizon”. The goal of the conference is to enhance the integration of advanced areas in the physical sciences. The conference will focus on cutting-edge technology and breakthroughs in Physical Sciences. You will have a unique opportunity to confront new difficulties, offer solutions, and explore future research paths in the subjects mentioned above.

Experts, professionals, academicians, and researchers from all over the world are welcome to attend ICPS 2022.  There are numerous opportunities to learn and express one’s opinions through interactive sessions and technical paper presentations. Eminent professionals, scholars, and postgraduate young researchers will share their perspectives and knowledge on a wide range of physical sciences topics. Furthermore, ICPS 2022 includes plenary lectures, keynote speakers, and contributed paper presentations by eminent personalities from around the world.

Thematic Area of Conference

  1. Physical Geography & Environment
  2. Human Geography & Environment
  3. Disaster Science & Management
  1. Marine Environment & Climate Change
  2. Fisheries & Coastal Zone Management
  3. Ocean Modelling
  1. Mathematical Statistics, Data Mining & Simulation
  2. Biostatistics & Bioinformatics
  3. Epidemiology , Demography & Public Health
  4. Econometrics, Operations Research & Business Statistics.
  1. Earth System Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics 
  2. Atomic, Subatomic and Particle Physics
  3. Condensed Matter Physics and Biophysics
  4. Theoretical and Computational Physics
  1. Computational Fluid Dynamics
  2. Numerical Analysis
  3. Algebra
  4. Mathematical Analysis
  1. Materials Chemistry, Nanomaterials and Green Synthesis
  2. Catalysis and Solid State Chemistry
  3. Natural Products and Biochemistry
  4. Environmental Chemistry 

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